10. 4. 2020

Hotlap qualification for Blackwood done!

Until tonight, it was possible to qualify for Blackwood GP among the best to fight for the main prize. Over 70 riders picked up the challenge, and during the week Isaac Price set a new world record of 1:06.17. Come and cheer on livestream on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook in the evening. Entry list of the first division contains the top racers of the simracing world and promises a very interesting show, when 30 riders fit with their best times into 1.1s!

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3. 7. 2020

Round 4 podium and congratulations winners!

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28. 5. 2020

Round 3 has it's winners! Congratulations!

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11. 5. 2020

Congratulations to Round 2 winners!

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